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Our Pastor 

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Dee Jay Shoulders grew up in Nashville and continues to call this great city his home. Although he loves to travel and has preached around the world, there is no place like home for Pastor Shoulders. He and his wife Karla started dating at a young age of 16. After 25 years of marriage, they still act like two teenagers in love. Their two boys, Preston and Peyton, are the center of their world. They have a deep love for their family and their God.

Pastor Shoulders was raised in the home of Bishop Billy Shoulders and served under his father as Youth Pastor and Associate Pastor. In November 2003, Pastor Shoulders began his role as Senior Pastor and continues to lead a thriving church. The transition of leadership between Pastor Shoulders and his father was seamless. In fact, they recently co-wrote a book together "Transitioning Well" that has helped multiple pastors through the process of effective change in leadership.

Pastor Shoulders' evangelistic preaching strikes a chord in the heart of every person that hears him. Above all things, he reaches for hurting people that need a Savior. After experiencing personal miracles in his own life, he has become world renowned for being a faith preacher. Having traveled and preached in multiple countries like Bangladesh, India and Chile, he has witnessed miracles around the world.

Pastor Shoulders is committed to making a difference in the great city of Nashville. He serves as a Metro Police Chaplain for Nashville and works closely with city leaders to ensure First Apostolic Church is changing lives. The adventure of having a thriving church in a great city is igniting to Pastor Shoulders. His passion for reaching and helping people is contagious. He and his family would love to meet you if you are ever in the Nashville area.

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